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Applications with Selec servo valves



Since 1969 a valuable partner for precise and dynamic hydraulic control tasks.


Selec ag is a Swiss company based near Zurich. Since 1969 we have been developing and manufacturing hydraulic proportional control valves, servovalves, customer-specific valves, amplifier and control electronics for all valves. Valves made by Selec ag are used worldwide in industrial
hydraulics, mobile hydraulics, hydraulic testing, hydraulic system and machine construction.



The success factors we offer as manufacturer of hydraulic proportional servovalves is well-known by all companies that see such a partnership. Wherever precise and dynamic control is required, we are a valuable partner. Selec develops and manufactures in Switzerland and sells its products worldwide; directly and via distributors and resellers.



We shall continue to develop innovative products that serve the niche markets of dynamic valves. Our company profile will be further strengthened in the
future with qualities such as individual customer care, short delivery times, fulfillment of customer-specific requirements.